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Omega Monolith


Omega Monolith came into existence in 2012. The two members after a
long involvement in multiple bands of the Greek underground heavy
scene (Violet Vortex, Noiselust and Tenderness Of Wolves to name a few),
created the OM with a distinct and newly-found perspective. The end result is
a symphony of heavy guitars and monolithic drums which is built upon live loops
and a wall of amps to bring forth a massive soundscape,which only a mind &
body attuned can fully experience.

Omega Monolith is a machine with a will of its own which harnesses the dimension
of time, bends it, reverses it, loops it, mocks it and worships it and in its monitor
the world both in microscopic and macroscopic scale stands still exressing itself.

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:Skull & dawn:


This company of the four has a long history. Starting back in the late 90s as Trick or Treat? with then making music with hammers and electric screwdrivers, industrial noise and massive percussion, they would move to reform Trick or Treat? as Defile des Ames and then become one of the most important and influencial neofolk bands in Greek history. Eventually, in 2009, they would transfer their focus to the other side of the Atlantic and form :Skull & dawn:. Their musical style is very unique, only superficially to be described as an amalgamation of dark country/folk punk, with explosive and unforgettable live performances and a sound that is constantly evolving.

With their debut album “Zombie Horses” already released through the ritual makers of 3 Shades of Black,

:Skull & dawn: have returned after many years of live appearances with a vengeance and are ready to spread their dark gospel across the world.

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Mock the Mankind


Mock the Mankind is a three piece band from Athens, Greece. Formed in 2012 they decided to put their own share in the music scene through heavy doom atmospheric creations.

Their inspiration derives from all the hideous and continuous disasters against any kind of living existence, that all have a common source, Man himself.

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The Dead Creed


Conceived in a single breath at the holy deeps of a cave in Ouranópolis, The Dead Creed is an acoustic death metal project and alter ego of Thomas Eremite (The Psalm).

Abyssal  and oceanic, monastic and descending meditations on all of which was lost and can be rediscovered in silent posture and penetrating psalms.

His full-length album and also his first demo will soon be released by 3 Shades of Black.

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KRAUSE were created at the end of 2015 with the goal to play aggressive and dirty noise rock.

Their members are also active and ex-members of Greek and British underground rock and metal bands like

Vulnus, Cut off, Rita Mosss, Casual Nun, Progress of Inhumanity, Dusteroid and Straighthate.

Their debut album will be released as a co-release by 3 Shades of Black for Greece and Riot Season for Europe and the World.

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Mohammad [Antifrost , PAN] have been forging their deep monolithic sound for the past 6 years, bringing
together low frequencies, inter-modulations, dark textures, and distant folk nuances through custom made
instruments and software.
Prolific in their output with 6 releases to date, their sonic arsenal is equally deployed live, a ceremonial
experience in physical sound [quoted by some as ‘Chamber Doom”] that evokes a wide emotional palette.

“Mohammad’s set-up is, to say the least, unconventional. Sterling stuff … ” – FACT Mag
“More than just the name conjures a sense of religiosity: their melodies evoke liturgical chanting” – The Wire
“Certain projects appear to be born in heaven… Mohammad is one of them” – Touching Extremes
“You breathe it in like vaporized anesthetic and pray that it will never end.” – Tiny Mix Tapes

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