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:Skull & dawn: – Zombie Horses LP [VOID 003]

Zombie Horses was recorded at Sierra Studios during the winter of 2011. All tracks, except Edward, were recorded and mixed by Akis Paschalakis. Edward was recorded and mixed by Vaggelis Karapetros at Puzzle Studio. Zombie Horses was mastered by Panos Tsekouras at Top Floor Studio during the winter of 2015. All music written by :Skull […]

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Omega Monolith – Vile EP [VOID 002]

The second official Omega Monolith release and the first official 3 Shades of Black release with catalogue number VOID002 is now unleashed upon the world. Vile is a two part creation with a connection both to the past and to the future. Listener discretion is advised as Vile has the tendency to bend and distort […]

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Omega Monolith – Fungus LP [VOID 001]

Fungus is the debut LP of the Greek heavy rock duo by the name of Omega Monolith. Fungus is a journey. A psychological journey through space and its dimensions by manipulating time with sound & resonance. It is the primal force needed to create the necessary base universe for the listener, to travel upwards and […]